Friday, November 30, 2012

Marriage - Facts You Need to Know - 02

  • You need to know that marrying, raising children, and sending them out into society makes a huge impact on your community and the world.
  • You need to know things change the moment you say, "I do."
  • Don't think your life together will be like it was when you were dating.
  • You need to know to not expect lifelong bliss, free of problems, quarrels, or issues. You will be disappointed. Guaranteed.
  • You need to know from the beginning that love is a decision. Sometimes you make that decision after a fight. Or when temptation walks in the door.
  • You need to know your husband or wife cannot be your complete source of happiness. You'll still need friends. Family. And a hobby. Men will need a TV.
  • You need to know that just because you're married, the two of you won't do everything together. In fact, it's important you don't do everything together.
  • You need to know you have to be able to live without each other.
  • This way you can love each other without feeling like you own each other.
  • You need to know one of the best wedding gifts you can get for yourselves is a marriage skills training weekend.
  • You need to know you can't let yourself go to pot after you get married. There are a number of benefits to exercising and eating right that have nothing to do with health.
  • You need to know to talk about your plans and dreams with each other.
  • You need to know to be on the same page about having babies. When you want one. When your spouse wants one. And does one of you not want to stop until you have seven.
  • You need to know you should always tell each other the truth. Unless she asks you if you think she looks fat.
  • You need to know to help each other chase your personal dreams.
  • It could be writing a book, going back to college, or starting a company.
  • Be each other's cheerleader.
  • You need to know to pray together. Start now.
  • You need to know to never criticize each other in public. This can have far-reaching consequences.
  • You need to know that if you can successfully share one bathroom, one sink, one tub, and one shower, the odds are good you'll stay married.
  • You need to know to take care of yourself. One of your primary jobs as a husband or wife is to stay around.
  • You need to know you're not marrying a fantasy, but a flesh-and-blood person with their own dreams and expectations—and annoying habits and strange idiosyncrasies.
  • You need to know each other's health histories. Does anyone have herpes? Diabetes? A fondness for vodka? Love each other enough to reveal what you're both getting into.
  • You need to know if your future spouse's family has a history of mental illness. That kind of history can impact generations.

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